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A letter from a Mother’s heart

A letter from a Mother’s heart    -    Mentorship        10.12.18

Dear High Achievers

Attending the briefing session for the Senior Six Candidates on 10th November 2018 was a privilege for me in so many ways.

Initially, I purposed to sit in and listen to what the teachers had to share with their students. I was at peace with it. Then the Director of Studies of the Advanced Level kept insisting that I had to say something. I felt my mind was not ready when she stood and informed the students that Madam Director was going to say something. When I stood up I asked the students what they would like to hear and “mummy everything.” They answered in unison.  Of course, I am not sure that I said everything but there are two nuggets that I shared that I would like to dwell on.

Count it a privilege if anyone permits to work with you voluntarily because it is by doing voluntary work that we are equipped with skills that we can’t obtain in school. Yet these skills are vital in starting us off in our employment life. While doing voluntary service your supervisor is willing to train you without looking at you as a failure.

Truth be told, in reality, no-one is willing to pay you a salary while paying for your mistakes too. I implore you, dear students, to do whatever your parents ask you to do during this vacation and do it diligently. Many were amazed to learn that as children work, we adults are busy watching and making our evaluations. When there is an opportunity I know whom to recommend because I have seen them work. “Who then can override the recommendation of a family member?” I asked, the silence was deafening.

Secondly, I told my students that they are starting a journey where they will need mentors. I was amazed when many came to my office asking for contacts of high profile people. In here lay my profound lesson. As I sat with many of them and shared with them about mentorship, I told them that a mentor ought to be interested in your growth and should make time for you. I asked if they were aware of such a person. Many of them were clueless until I disclosed that the ideal mentors at their stage in life were their parents.

“Really!” One of them exclaimed and it occurred to me that many of them had no idea the wealth of experience their parents had. I encouraged them to talk to their parents and because they had shown prior interest their parents would do whatever it takes to help. If their parents did not know what to do so they would definitely approach a friend or a relative who could help because their parents’ interest in their well- being is matchless. I stressed that this would place them at a different level amongst their peers. For who wouldn’t want to relate and work with a youth who desires personal growth and development?  Well as a mother I am more than ready to receive the mentees this season.

Quote of the week:  “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” Isaac Newton

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