“The leading educational institution in the East African region producing highly successful and respected people in the different aspects of life”.
“To provide top-quality secondary education that nurtures in our students a zest for life, a spirit of enterprise, community service, and leadership.
To achieve quality secondary education and vocational skills by providing students a suitable learning environment, offering quality teaching, learning, and mentorship with real competitive advantage through Christian values.
Our strength lies in innovation, quality, creativity for leadership, reliability, integrity, and teamwork.
Students-satisfaction through quality education, learning, learner-centered teaching, innovation, Christian values, and cost-effectiveness.
The Higher Achiever’s College
To Be and Not to Seem
Our philosophy is driven by the following core values: “GREET”
 Godliness: Christian values, holiness, sacrifice, worship, faithfulness, purity, humility, and hope.
 Reliability: diligence, hard work, altruism, service, dependability, commitment, and perseverance.
 Excellence: quality, learning, originality, innovation, creativity, responsiveness, efficiency, and results
 Ethics: integrity, honesty, trust, truth, loyalty, leadership, honor, professionalism, and confidence.
 Teamwork: discipline, collaboration, growth, sustainability, unity, accountability, and respect. VISION, MISSION, AND VALUES
We pledge: to place God first in all things we do in our actions and inactions.
We believe: that the capabilities, talents, and resources we have are a God-given gift that grants us the opportunity to meet not only our needs but also the needs of others to make the world a better place. We strive to be truly liable to the creator and giver of gifts and talents because we believe that we are meant to serve and contribute to the education sector in the country and region. Our love to help people to honor God and be empowered can only be met by a demonstrated unwavering Godliness in everything we do.
We value Godliness: By being committed to delivering and demonstrating Anglican Christian values, holiness, sacrifice, worship, faithfulness, purity, and hope in all we do. We firmly believe that we are called to serve and that our contribution to the education sector in our country is a pleasure.
We behave: In ways that exhibit accountability and consistently display Godliness as demonstrated in God’s love for his children. Continuously challenging ourselves to strive for even better outcomes in all key areas demonstrating academics and co-curricular activities. And are considerate of the call to be good corporate citizens and good neighbours to those around us. We engage to do all we can to meet the most pressing learning concerns, particularly in secondary education.
We pledge: to demonstrate diligence and commitment to serve in everything we do.
We believe: In Uganda, the challenges of achieving quality education are open to improvement. We must be meticulous, to empower the nation by offering unwavering affordable quality education services and achievement of educational performance through reliability in everything we do. We are committed to demonstrating diligence, courage, hard work, selflessness, service, and dependability in all we do.
We value reliability: By walking in the shoes of each person we serve and those with whom we work. Celebrating our role in transforming and serving the nation and region in an area so vital to humanity. We must be truly able to genuinely occasion growth, empowerment, and sustainability by ardently pursuing our quest to transform societies with academics and moral excellence at the forefront.
We behave: In ways that exhibit active listening to fully appreciate and sincerely commiserate with national and regional realities. We respond with the courage of an educator’s attitude in service to each individual and society as a whole by ensuring secondary education inclusiveness, accountability, and sustainability of results for us and others.
We pledge: to be ethical in our dealings, honor obligations, and never compromise principles.
We believe: that ethics is a basic part of building an excellent service culture. We commit to being an institution that represents the highest level of personal and institutional integrity. We understand that with integrity, the public shall want to work with us, and our core purpose is not compromised. We live to the highest standards of ethical behavior, making, and striving to keep commitments.
We value ethics: because it is the bedrock for honor, integrity, honesty, trust, truth, loyalty, and servant leadership. We will never compromise ethics. We will be known for living to the highest standards of ethical behavior. We will make honest dealings and strive to consistently honor those relationships with holiness; trust; truth and purity.
We behave: In ways that exhibit speaking the truth and delivering on our promises. We have the courage to acknowledge mistakes and do whatever is desirable to address them by preserving honesty, trust, truth, Godliness, and purity.
We pledge: to demonstrate excellence in everything we do.
We believe: that in our part of the world, the challenges of achieving excellence in our industry are open to being harnessed. To achieve our full potential in offering excellent academic performance and promoting an Anglican Christian identity, we must positively engage the efforts, talents, and interests of staff and of everyone else who can contribute to that effort to deepen our grasp and presence through the rigorous pursuit of excellence.
We value excellence: By being committed to delivering and demonstrating innovation, quality, creativity, invention, efficiency, hard work, originality, and responsiveness in everything we do.
We behave: In ways that exhibit accountability and we are responsible for consistently delivering high-quality and superior service with a difference in nurturing morals beyond academic excellence. We continuously challenge ourselves to strive for better outcomes in all key performance for great results.
We pledge: to build and preserve a culture of teamwork suitable for learning and ensure each person we serve and those with whom we work continuously become one big family. we understand and believe that we can never achieve that goal individually.
We believe: that to achieve our full potential as a school in its motto “to be and not to seem” we must have a disciplined learning culture, and align with the needs of our learners and guardians. We build trust through collaboration, responsiveness, and unity. We tap into synergies for greater achievements and a common/shared pursuit.
We value teamwork: By building trust amongst ourselves, taking action, and finding solutions to challenges. We are cognizant that team play is critical to tap synergies for greater achievements. We realize that teamwork binds people and organizations through shared values, earned and preserved trust, through honest engagement and collaboration with our stakeholders and clients.
We behave: In ways that exhibit teamwork, discipline, growth, sustainability, unity, and accountability. We address issues and confront not people during a conflict with a positive attitude by actively engaging with people and institutions to share information, facts, ideas, and resources by being open to a variety of thoughts and divergent perspectives reflected in the diversity of our learners, staff, communities, societies, nation, and the region at large.