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Digital Science & Virtual Lab (DSVL) is a software developed and distributed by Cyber School Technology Solutions (CSTS).  CSTS, an education-service Company based in Uganda, has been in partnership with the Ministry of Education & Sports (MoES) and the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).

The Digital Science and Virtual Lab software is a software that has the Ugandan ‘O’ level science curriculum digitized, with clear animations, captivating images, sound effects and clear simplified explanations of concepts to make the rather difficult science concepts easier to understand, learn and to remember. With its Virtual Laboratory, the child can practice science experiments and practicals even from home. The other features of the software include;

  • Full curriculum coverage of O-level Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
  • 6,000 animations explaining complex concepts in colour, 2 and 3 dimensional.
  • Full curriculum coverage – 120 topics / 373 sub-topics with tests and quizzes
  • Local examples in Local voice.
  • 157 Experiments and Practicals – in the Virtual Laboratory.
  • Can be used for teaching by teachers and revision by students.
  • Developed and deployed by Cyber School Technology Solutions, Uganda.
  • Requires no Internet. The software is installed (full O Level content) on a laptop or desktop.


CSTS’ relationship with St. Mark’s College Namagoma began  in 2016. Through this cooperation, the software was installed on school computers. Science teachers and “O” Level students have been using it ever since, and have benefitted, considerably.  

We have been interrupted by the Covid pandemic and subsequent schools’ lockdown.To address this challenge, CSTS now also offers the software directly to individual students (through their parents) on personal/home computers, so that students may continue to use the software even at home.

Parents can now obtain Digital Science software, for the benefit of our students, directly from Cyber School Technology Solutions Limited.

A parent may take his/her laptop or desktop computer to Cyber School offices, at UMA Show Grounds, Jinja, Lugogo, Kampala (near Nakawa Market) for installation, at an affordable fee. This is part of the ongoing pilot project we are engaged in with CSTS, whereby teachers and students are assessing the benefits of Digital Science & Virtual Lab software, for teaching and learning.

This means students can now enjoy the software both at school and at home, if they and their parents so wish.

Please also visit CSTS website, and For more information, please call 0707269200 and 0787872524.



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