The college Motto is “To Be Not To Seem” was carefully selected to reflect the founders’ desire to train students with strong values that would guide them, instead of following what the world has to offer.
Specifically, the motto;

1. Identifies going deep through the surface, which is the whole mark of academic investigation.
2. Seeks to find the truth, which if properly followed would lead to justice and harmonious societies.
3. Reflects the very desire of human nature “to be not to seem”. It is only when people have failed to be what they want that they resort to pretence. For         example, people want to be rich, not seem rich.
4. The Motto inspires people to know who they really are and this leads to better utilization of talent and prosperity of individuals and society.
5. It is applicable to a lot of situations, both in school and outside. People will always refer to it in their lives.
6. It is short and unambiguous.
7. Not a common motto in the country; sounds quite different
8. The Motto is in line with the promoters’ desire and goal to create educated citizens, and not those who seem educated.
9. “To be” requires hard work and determination, and these are emphasized in the school.