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Fees Structure 2024

Tuition Fee:                 New Students   (O Level)              New Students (A Level)
Boarding Students:       Shs 1,600,000                                        Shs 1,700,000
Other Fees
Admission fee:               Shs 100,000                                            Shs 100,000
Functional fees:             Shs 590,000                                            Shs 590,000

Functional fees cover: (2 pairs of school uniform, a sweater, Sports Wear, 2 sets of out class wear, an Identity Card, a Ream of paper, a Visitors’ Card, a Magazine & Calendar, Computer fee, Medical fee, Devt. Fee. (Students get a Sunday wear and a Mattress in addition to the above)

1.Admission letter when reporting
2.Come with your true parent or guardian on first day of reporting.
3.Four (4) recent passport photos, black and white with short hair.
4.A suit case (preferably metallic)
5.One and half dozen (18) black books (can be bought from school).
6.Good news Bible/Quran.
7.Dictionary (preferably Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary).
8.A mathematical set, enough pens, pencils, and a calculator.
9.Black school shoes; white stockings for girls and black socks for boys.
10.A medium size black non-decorated leather belt for both girls and boys.
11.A school bag.
12.Five rolls of toilet paper for personal use.
13.Adequate toothpaste and a tooth brush, slippers.
14.A fork, spoon, water bottle, plate, and a cup.
15.Bathing soap, washing soap and shavers
16.An apron
17.A bucket and a sponge.
18.Open shoes for after class use.
19.A blanket, bed sheets and a towel.
20.A mosquito net, a three-pin-plug flat Iron.
21.Canvas shoes for sports.
Please note:
i. All clothing to be used at school will be provided as part of the fees quoted in this letter. NO other clothing apart from those provided will be accepted. Students can report in one dress that will be returned by the parent.
ii. A mattress will be issued to each new student on arrival at school.
iii. No special diet can be provided to students with dietary problems
Esse Non Videri – To Be Not To Seem