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Mentorship Programme

Mentorship is offering guidance to someone who is navigating their life’s journey. St Mark’s College Namagoma is intentional in mentoring staff and students who are mentors and mentees in this respect, to become the best version of who they were called to be in their diverse fields of pursuit.

Having nice facilities is only part of what makes a school good. Equally important is staffing the school with passionate and dedicated teachers who will stop at nothing to help their children succeed not only academically, but also in other areas of their life.

The ideal educational institution fosters a classroom setting where students are encouraged and supported in their pursuit of knowledge. In addition to preparing students for success in the workforce and in life, such an institution provides a balanced education that allows learners to develop personally and participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Bold decision

To achieve such a vision, Canon Alice Ddamulira took the bold decision to resign from an international job in order to focus all her efforts on St. Mark’s College, Namagoma (SMACON) as a co-director. Prior to that, owing to her character and attitude towards work, her employer had entrusted her with a big position because they had seen her potential. At the time of her resignation, she had worked for 15 years with the International Red Cross Committee (ICRC) as a human resources manager and accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, which she was eager to apply to SMACON.


Purpose can steer life decisions, influence behaviour, shape goals, provide direction, and generate meaning.

Your life’s purpose explains why you’re pursuing your ambitions and gives you piece of mind in knowing that something is directing you.

A life with meaning would be clearly realised by getting to know your own self, developing your natural abilities and interests, and selecting the finest media to share them with the world.

One must be able to discover their life’s purpose. It is something that must be claimed from inside.

Your life mission is similar to a voyage. The things you enjoy – are the vehicle which you are driving.

The significant things – your destination. Your gifts and talents – a road plan indicating how to arrive to your destination and your passion – the fuel that drives the entire operation.

Regardless of the hurdles, we must strive for deeper purpose and meaning on a daily basis.

Everyone selects their own life’s purpose, enabling people to recognise their own power and strengths, by coaching others, giving back to your family, friends, and community.

Furthermore as we use our talents to benefit others it can also assist us in discovering our true calling. Always remember that living a life with a sense of purpose offers several benefits for you and makes you a gift to the

Assistant Director of Studies O’Level