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Obedience is a key that opens doors for you as a High Achiever

A Letter from A Mother’s Heart                                           11.02.19

Obedience is a key that opens doors for you as a High Achiever.

Dear High achievers

Listening to a song one morning, the words that flowed out spelt that Obedience is the key that opens doors for me. I did not listen to the rest of the lyrics but started contemplating about that statement “Obedience is the key that opens doors for me”.  Alright!!! If obedience opens doors for me then disobedience is the key that closes doors for me. Just think for a moment through your life’s journey when obedience opened a door of achievement for you or when disobedience closed a door of achievement for you.  Before we proceed I would like to tell you that one of the tests in life is being obedient all the time especially when no-one has mentioned the reward therein. But once you cultivate the value of obedience in you the rewards are immensely enormous. Obedience is the immediate act to willingly comply and abide to the rules or commands given to you. Delayed obedience is disobedience. I would like us to dwell on the aspect of willingness to comply with policies, rules and regulations be it at home, school or work place.  

Obeying instructions is quite redemptive. One Pastor who shared his story had this to say. “I have several friends who are licensed pilots. One was working on his landing skill, so one day when he tried to take on landing the plane he felt a surge of anxiety that all was not well. So he contacted the control tower that directed him to come in through a narrow passage between two mountains and then weave past several tall buildings. He asked for a repeat on the directions from the tower when the control operator calmly replied: “You just obey my instructions and I’ll take care of your obstructions. He concluded that this experience sounded like what he hears from God on several occasions. His responsibility is to obey God’s instructions and God would take care of any obstructions.

The Operator at the control tower had more knowledge than the Pastor just like our parents, teachers and those in authority do. The best therapy to our troubles in life is to obey the instructions they give us. We should learn that obedience is the choice between our own limited experience, knowledge and power and the unlimited experience, wisdom and knowledge of those in authority. Obedience makes us progressively stronger, capable of faithfully enduring greater tests and trials in future. Obedience has the power of making things easy which initially seemed impossible and you can only learn obedience by practicing obedience.

Obedience is not a mark of slavery it is one of the prime qualities of high achievement. When you are obedient you always play it safe. Choose to learn obedience by obeying. Remember when you Obey Instructions – those in authority will take Care of Your Obstructions! More so obedience will open doors of triumph for you.

Quote of the week: Obedience is the mother of success and is wedded to safety.  By Aeschylus an ancient Greek dramatist.

Alice Ddamulira – Director – St. Mark’s College Namagoma