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Volunteer With Us

We also ask for volunteers in area of students’ counseling and career advice to enable our students to be focused at an early age.  Please arrange with the Students’ Dean (Tel: +256-772-564344, or email for a mutually convenient time to get involved.  Parents with different professions and occupations are particularly requested to partner with us to bring up a purposeful generation.

Volunteer Mentors

Mentoring provides a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the students.

Mentors are not a replacement for a parent, nor are they a counselor or teachers. They are a sounding board and confidant to the young person.

We welcome volunteers from allover the world who are interested to volunteer in Africa, Uganda in particular to contact us for more details. At St. Mark’s College we give good hospitality to volunteers because we know you are giving in much more than volunteering by passing on life skills and experience to the young generation.

We shall always have special time put a side for a volunteer, because we so much respect the inter culture sharing and we are much sure that your contribution will make a big difference in students’ lives

Basically volunteers may be required to demonstrate two characters among others:
Patience – Volunteer Mentors need to demonstrate the patience to help the student progress at their own pace. Patience helps build positive relationships based on trust.
Empathy – Volunteer Mentors are asked to demonstrate empathy, tolerance and to be non-judgmental. This allows relationships to develop in a manner that is friendly, unbiased and understanding towards the challenges students may be facing within their lives.

Please fill free to contact us for more information concerning volunteer ship