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Admission Forms

How to apply:
Application for admission to the College can be done in two ways.
1. Apply from your previous school, after the final exams (PLE or UCE). The College is listed among the secondary schools in Uganda that you can apply for.

2. Fill in the College Application Form (available on this website) and return it to the College on the address in the contact page of this website. Applications can also be obtained at the College.
Once the applicant meets the minimum requirements (below), the school will communicate immediately the results of the Admissions Committee. So please provide the most reliable address or phone number.

Note: It is important to apply early before the term begins because the College has limited vacancies, and effective teaching starts immediately the term begins.
Minimum requirements:

O-Level: The applicant to O-Level (S1) must have completed P7 with a First Grade. Students who did not pass in First Grade will be subjected to an interview before they are admitted. This is to ensure that they can meet the required standards of the school. Applicants to other classes in the O-Level should produce the PLE certificate and reports from the previous school.

A-Level: Applicants to A-Level must have completed S4 (O-Level) with Grade One. Those who passed in second and other grades will be required to do an interview before they are admitted. Admission to S6 is restricted, but some applications can be considered.
Download the application forms in PDF format as required

Click here to download O-Level Application Form

Click here to download A -Level Application Form