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College Name

The College Name:
Deciding on the name of an institution can be very difficult, especially for a school whose name many people will have strong attachment throughout their lives. In choosing “St. Mark’s College Namagoma” the founders had the following in mind:

1. The name immediately relates to Christianity and hence God. It is a beautiful idea to have God at the center of the College.

2. St. Mark’s style of writing in the bible emphasized Jesus’ actions as opposed to words. This is a good guide on how to work. “Action not words determine our destiny”.

3. It is a standard way of naming schools and colleges in Uganda. This makes it generally acceptable or would receive limited criticism.

4. The name is generally easy to remember. Ugandans and non-Ugandans can easily remember and pronounce St. Mark. The addition of Namagoma gives it the location address to avoid any possible confusion with any other St. Mark’s within and outside Uganda.

5. There are not many schools in Uganda with that name. Only one Secondary School. This makes it different and Unique.