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Leadership Training

Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less- John C Maxwell

Leaders could be born or made that is a debate for another moment. Whether leaders are born or made all leaders must grow their leadership skills to earn them this influence

As a great leader, you must be effective in all aspects of your life, especially when it comes to the team you manage. Effective leadership is the capacity to successfully influence and support a team or group of individuals. It is vital to note that there are considerably more effective leaders who are also excellent negotiators.

You should be able to negotiate with his team and reach an agreement. What you do as a leader ought to motivate others to dream bigger, study more, do more, and become more.

The accomplishments of an effective leader are the ultimate measure of his achievement, and this is the ultimate test of his effectiveness. Dear readers, it is not critical to acquire experience in leadership at some time in our lives because leadership is a skill that is required at many stages of life. This takes me to the saying that “leadership is a journey.”

Leadership in a school context is a journey that a leader pushes deeper into learning who you are and what you must make yourself capable of completing.

You must connect to your purposes, which will feed your curiosity and, ultimately, your growth trajectory. You must acquire the ideals of effective leadership and have a positive moral relationship with the school stakeholders, which include administrators, teachers, fellow leaders, and students.

Canon Ddamulira often implores us to ‘build bridges, not walls.’ This moral connection assists you in creating a transformational environment for your subjects. This allows pupils to easily recognise difficulties and guides them through decision making and problem resolution. As they serve, effective leaders develop and sustain critical components.