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School Anthem

School Anthem.

Key: DOH=G or Ab

Marching lively

1. St. Mark’s College striving for excellence,
May God give us strength to perform!
With discipline, smartness, and the development of talents,
Our future is safe and shinning blue.
WE shall be not to seem,
Examples of the World,
On this gentle foundation,
St. Mark’s College Staff,
Will guide us with the pillar
of light forever more…

2. St. Mark’s College, the high Achiever’s pride,
We toil to meet and live our pledge,
Of quality education, devotion, and teamwork,
We shall live, Achievers we shall be.

3. St. Mark’s College so competent and strong,
The staff is qualified and bold.
Let us be not to seem, to develop our motherland,
Uganda long, long live,
Long, our founders long live.

NB. Chorus is to be repeated after every stanza.