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Director’s Statements

St. Mark’s College Namagoma – “The High Achievers’ College”, has been in existence for a relatively short time. It has, however, gained fast recognition in Uganda and neighboring countries because of the great commitment and teamwork of all the staff and management of the college. A youthful team, with clear objectives and vision, is determined to offer its services to the benefit of the nation and mankind.

At St. Mark’s College, education is seen as a means to a successful and fruitful adulthood.  We emphasize to

the students that high achievement in life starts with a clear definition of one’s life goals (dreams), and then moving steadily and resolutely to achieve the set goals.  In addition to the standard classroom work, our teachers help and provide skills to the students in terms of setting goals and encourage them to follow them through.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is now part and partial of modern living.  At St. Mark’s College we recognize this and we have established a state-of-the-art computer facility to enable our students to acquire computer skills.  We have in place computer based teaching and learning, including but not limited to electronic encyclopedias, dictionaries, and bibles.
By choosing St. Mark’s College, you have made a choice of modernity.  And by the way, we give what we promise.
Daniel M. Ddamulira

St. Mark’s College Namagoma as an Anglican founded institution is very intentional in building a holistic child who will excel academically as well as embrace the available opportunities and activities in the school to discover their full potential, build a profound character through enhancement of life skills. The college purposes to produce students who will be higher achievers for a life time, who will cherish their motto “to be but not to seem”.