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A letter from a Mother – Times change. Values remain 07.01.19

A Letter from a Mother’s Heart: The Value of time.      24.12.18

Dear High Achievers

Time is a gift accorded to us each day and it comes with a huge responsibility and accountability. The success we achieve in life is often determined by how well we used and invested our time each day.  History makers honor time because they understand that the value of time accords them wisdom to comprehend their destiny by living a purposeful driven life daily.

When you spend your time wisely you are actually living your life astutely. Usually during our holidays and vacations we always imagine we have a lot of time. Yet we can invest this time prudently by enrolling for profitable programs for our personal growth and development. The knowledge of what is required of us at a certain stage in life is vital to the quality of our success. The secret to the farmer’s success is knowledge and timing. In life we neither succeed by accident nor by chance.

Have you ever scrutinized closely how much of your time you spend sensibly in a day?  It is important to know that this achievement is not attained in a day because life is not lived in a lump sum. It is lived in bits. You take one step at a time. So it is important for you to plan for each day so that you invest in your life purposefully each day. The way you use your time allows you to understand the events that characterize your life. Every stage in life is a season and has its demands on you.

Therefore, you have to be deliberate on how you are spending your time. Invest your time and make the most of each day. Refocus your life and shake off any distraction. Wake up in the morning with a distinct plan for the day, with the purpose in your heart, with a smile on your face and a spring in your feet. Run with a purpose in every step so that you get the best of each day. Don’t waste your valuable days. Resolve this day to sow your time wisely and harvest a success story. Remember you are the author of your story and the architect of your life.

Quote of the week: “The more you value your time, the more value it will bring”

Alice Ddamulira

Director St Mark’s College Namagoma