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A letter from a Mother’s Heart 28.01.19

A letter from a Mother’s Heart                                   28.01.19                               

Create the grandest personal vision to succeed.

Dear High Achievers,

One anonymous writer said that in the beginning, you will have to defend your vision. But after you succeed, your vision will defend you. What a powerful statement. Even as you prepare for the year, you know what you want to become. Starting young is a blessing and being be intentional about living your vision is great success. As individuals it is very important to realize that we need to have a vision irrespective of the level at which we are today. We should all have a bigger picture of what we would like to be in our lifetime before transcending to yonder stars. To elaborate on the vitality of having a vision for your personal life I was once told a short story of three men who went out to construct a building. The first man was asked “what are you doing?” and he said I am adding one building block to another and the second one was asked “what are you doing?” and he answered “ I am building a wall” When the third one was asked what he was doing he said’ I am building a church”. That summarizes what vision is all about. In your daily pursuits as an individual do you have a grand picture of what you want to become or are you just adding one day after another to make 365 days in a year?

As you live one day, one month and one year at a time, have you ever stood back in your thoughts to look at the bigger picture of yourself as an individual. Envisioning what you want to become at the end of your journey as a person? As you progressively change to an adult, have you foreseen the hard work that it entails and the huge task ahead of you? The answer lies with you. You are the architect of your life no-one is going to walk your journey to success other than yourself. Having heard this hard hitting truth you have the opportunity to define and defend your vision.

To prepare our individual vision we can borrow a leaf from what Wambui Njuguna said in her book “Picking up the pieces” on how to create, build and defend our vision. You can only dream what you envision, you can only envision what you really desire to be. You can only achieve what you honestly, realistically, passionately, assertively, intelligently and sometimes desperately pursue.” Whatever you desire, you can get it if you put your mind to it. If you see it, you can conceive it; you can receive it and you can achieve it.

The best way to consolidate your vision is to write it down. So go ahead and write down your personal vision and remind yourself of what you want to become in your lifetime. Your vision may evolve as you realistically become more aware of your abilities, opportunities and passions. Nevertheless just go ahead, create your vision and start working on it, share it and pursue it daily and until its accomplishment. It is the small steps that we take in the right direction that lead us to our desired destination.

Quote of the week: Oprah Winifrey said, “Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe”

Alice Ddamulira

Director St Mark’s College Namagoma