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Senior Five

Below are the links to the notes for the different subjects/papers. Please click on the links to view or download the notes

Agric P.1
Agric P.2
Agric P.3
Biology 1 & 2
Chemistry Alkanes
Chemistry period 3 Oxides and chlorides
Computer Management
Div 1
Div 2 
Div 3
Econ – Inflation
Econ – Unemployment
Econ – Development planning
Geography P.1
Geography P2 – Agriculture
Geography P.3
History P.2
History – European
History P4
Literature 1
Literature 2 & 3
MathApplied Math
Math – Sub Math
Phy  Electricity
Physics  heat
Phy  Mechan
Phy -Modern2
Physics light
Phy  waves

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