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St. Mark’s College Namagoma is a high quality private secondary school founded in 2003. It is a mixed boarding school offering Arts and sciences at both “O” & “A” level. The college is owned by experienced and well-educated individuals with a strong commitment to excellence both in academic and in post-school life. Their high achievements in academics enable the Directors to be well versed with the students and school needs and they are ready and capable to offer the best environment for student learning.

The college has a seasoned Board of Governors, including Educationists, Bankers and Managers at high levels in the Uganda society. The Head teacher, and the entire staff, are carefully selected to meet the high standards of the College. The college is duly licensed and registered by the Ministry of Education and sports. Its registration and UNEB centre numbers are PSS/S/261 and U1664 respectively. since opening its doors to students on 10th February, 2003, the college has achieved tremendous success in student recruitment and retention, and now accommodates over 2,000 students in both ‘O’ and ‘A’ level sections. The school boasts of high academic performance and takes very many students to Public and Private Universities in Uganda.
The college campus is located on 30acres of land at Namagoma, 10miles on Kampala-Masaka Road, just 1Km off the main road. Neighboring well-established and highly successful schools like King’s College Budo, Trinity College Nabbingo and St. Lawrence Colleges – “the Massachusetts Corridor of Uganda” – the college environment provides a healthy and much needed competition for high academic achievement. In addition, the college is located out of the town hustle and bustle, creating a quiet environment conducive for academic concentration, yet it is easily accessible.
Education Philosophy
Our philosophy is to value all students for their individual abilities and special talents. This helps to enable students to grow into mature, compassionate, honest and honorable individuals. Specifically, our curriculum aims at creating individuals who:

  1. Are resourceful and responsible citizens.
  2. Will promote national unity and harmonious communities.
  • Will display a high sense of discipline, ethical and spiritual values.
  1. Will take collective responsibility, love and care for others and respect public property.
  2. Have skills for analyzing and solving problems and have a high sense of innovation and positive attitudes towards work.

Our vision is to be a leading secondary school in Uganda and in the East African region.  I hope your visit to our Website is worthwhile and enjoyable. Programs at St. Mark’s College are stimulating, rewarding and forward looking.  They focus on building a holistic person  developed by embracing academic progress, the building of character, self-determination, leadership, life skills and development of individual talents. Students enjoy working in excellent facilities and a beautiful yet quiet environment.  Children have access to an engaging curriculum and a team of well-qualified and experienced staff who provide a friendly learning environment where every child is valued individually.

All interested parents and students from all over East Africa are warmly welcome to be apart of St. Mark’s College fraternity.
Please spend a few minutes browsing through the various pages of our website.  I know you will be impressed by the serene environment and educational programs we provide.
Plan to visit our campus and you will find that St. Mark’s College Namagoma is the place to be, with readily available teachers, staff, students, administration to assist you  to become the very best you can be.

Like our college motto; “To Be, Not To Seem”.

We encourage you to contact the College for further information to be of assistance to you.